Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our kids are cute. Here's the proof.

Josiah loves to help Abi to listen to music on the Ipod.
 Ali and Abi in their matching PJs.  Oh, and Abi can sit up on her own.  She'd love to show off her two bottom teeth that just appeared, but they are a bit hard to capture on camera.
 Sisterly love.
Abi eats food, and her little mommy loves to help.  Here's the video proof.

We leave on Tuesday for our OC vacation.  This includes a very important trip to Disneyland.  This trip is important because Josiah in on a mission.  In his words "Marry Me Snow White."  We'll let you know if a wedding is coming up in the near future.  We're looking forward to great family time and visits with friends.  We'll talk again after we get back!

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