Friday, September 10, 2010

Yes, look at how big my head is....

When I asked Ali on her birthday if she was bigger now, that was her response. So, I guess that means she is bigger! Our four year old managed to celebrate the big day for several days. We had our first "real" birthday party on Saturday, then we went to Chuck E Cheese on Wednesday (the real birthday). She brought cupcakes to school on Thursday. I think we are done with celebrations for a while!

Before the birthday celebrations galore, we had spent time in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota. We saw lots of Jed's family, including Great Grandma Ruth (Ali thought it was so cool that they shared a name) and baby Emelia. Ali would have held Emelia all day, everyday if we would have let her. She can't wait for Abi to be born so she can hold her.

Oh, and because I've yet to post a picture of my belly, here it is. I'll be 32 weeks on Sunday.