Friday, October 19, 2012

Turning Four and Feeling Fine

Josiah had a wonderful fourth birthday filled with dragons, trucks, pizza, Chuck E. Cheese and many, many Angry Birds.

This is the first year that Josiah has asked for a Birthday Party.  We tell the kids that to have a party somewhere other than our house, their guest list must be smaller than six.  Ali has never been able to pare down her list that much.  Josiah did not have that problem.  We invited five kids; two were able to come and Josiah was just fine with that.  He loved the crown and balloon he got and was super excited to take a turn in the "Ticket Blaster"

We celebrated with pizza and Angry Birds cupcakes and he was given a remote control dump truck and a dragon (a very popular toy in our house!).  The next day, his actual Birthday, was a quiet day at home.  We gave him some Angry Bird games and toys and he is having fun playing with them as well as pretending he has his own Angry Bird You Tube Channel.

Josiah is a kind, considerate boy.  He is my buddy.  He loves his Veggie Tales, Angry Birds and making music.  He's not sure what he wants to be when he grows up yet; some days he wants to be a doctor, other days he wants to be an Angry Bird.  When I tell him that I love him to the moon and back, he loves to remind me that the moon is far, far away.