Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Camp Bug Bites!

We did get a few bug bites at camp, but really our kids both got a bite from the camp bug. They both LOVE camp. Ali can't wait until next year when she can be "a real camper" (at Kinder camp with mom or dad). She is already asking when we will be going back to camp. We all loved meeting the staff and enjoying a wonderful week in the redwoods. A pictorial account of our week:
Eating out at the campfire.
Ali wanted to eat marshmallows on a stick. She didn't want to roast them, she just wanted them on a stick. She was quite happy that it happened.

The beautiful redwoods.
Riding Balance Bikes. Ali loved the fact that you steer with your bum.
Hiking up to Big Tree. We did get to look around inside. It was pretty cool.
Searching for banana slugs was quite fun. One day, we found 10!
Daddy preparing to underdog.
Checking out the treehouse. Ali is trying to decide if she would like sleeping outside all week.
Josiah collected rocks. He was amazed at the abundance of rocks to be found.
Josiah's post camp injury. He fell as we were packing, which caused us to leave quickly. A ER trip and a little glue later and he is good to go. If you ask him to show you his "owie" he will show you the small cut on his hand. Not the head, the hand. The head wound doesn't phase him at all.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Surviving Summer

We have survived:
VBS: We set sail and went on a "Vast Voyage". Ali loved VBS again this year, and Josiah spent the week perfecting his dance moves and loving on (and napping on) Ida.

Buying a minivan. Yes, we are the proud owners of a minivan. We knew we needed one soon (three car seats just don't fit into a car), and we finally bit the bullet, said goodbye to Jed's car, and are falling in love with our van.

The great birthday/anniversary week: Jed and I both successfully survived another year and have now continued to enjoy each others company for six years! We went out to dinner and a 3D showing of Toy Story 3 to celebrate. And we ate cake...lots of cake.

Ali survived (and after her initial shyness really liked) her first dance class. We signed her up for a six week preschool "pre dance" dance class. They meet for 30 min on Saturday mornings and learn the basics of rhythm and stretching, as well as a few simple dance steps.

We are looking forward to our trip to Mt. Cross, where Jed is going to be the camp pastor for the week, and our trip to Wisconsin and Minnesota in August.

A few pictures to tide everyone over:

Jed eating cake on his birthday. Truth be told, this is still my cake. We decided to finish one cake before we made a second. We ate Jed's cake the next week.
My cake. Ali applied the frosting, which was about as thick as the cake itself. It was yummy!
Josiah wanted this ball so much he crawled under one of the cars....
his back looked like this when he was done. I was going to try to save the clothes, but I gave up.
Ali and Josiah both love to play games on the ipod touch. One day Ali crawled into Josiah's crib and we found them playing together. I love how Ali is cheering Josiah on.

Sorry, no good pictures of my belly yet. I think about, but it never gets done. Maybe in the next post. Have no fear, Abi and I are both doing well.