Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Fun

Our Christmas vacation is not over, but we thought we would fill you in on what we have done so far...

Ali's Uncle Nate came to visit, and we had a great time with him. We went to Knott's Berry Farm and I enjoyed my first roller coaster ride in a very long time. It was wonderful! Jed's parents joined the fun and we visited the Getty Museum and looked at icons and went to the beach on Christmas Day....we are in California, it just seemed right.

Abiding Savior had a live Nativity, and we were Mary, Jospeh, and Jesus. We had an interesting time pondering the theological implications of Ali playing Jesus...we finally decided that God probably didn't really mind because no smiting took place.

Ali was very excited about her presents. She didn't know which one to chew on first! Next year will be even more fun, we know.

Here are a few pictures for everyone. We leave tomorrow for Texas to see Kari and watch Zach and Melody get married! Yippee! Flying with an infant...we'll let you all know how it goes when we return!

Friday, December 08, 2006

The months fly by

Okay, we understand. We have pictures. Our camera is still MIA, but we used the video camera to catch a few shots. They are not as clear, but they will do. Thanks Angie for the cute red outfit! Ali's new skills include drooling, sucking on her fist, blowing bubbles, cooing, and contemplating crawling...she is watching her friends and trying to figure it all out. Yeah, she's got skills.

Yes, Ali is three months old. Time does fly.

Life is busy. I'm trying to finish my online class (just for all of you to know, master's and new baby are an interesting combination) and trying to get report cards out as well. Soon Christmas will come, and I will relax...a little!

Jed is doing well at Holy Cross. He enjoys being a pastor and likes life. That is a good thing.

That is us...hope all of you are doing well. We hope to get Christmas pictues soon. We'll let you know!