Friday, March 03, 2006

Visitors and heartbeats

The last month has been busy with the arrival of many guests. President's Day weekend was spent with Erin and Angie. It was, of course, raining (only the fifth time it has rained in the six months we have lived here) but we still had fun. We visited the Aquarium of the Pacific; a very cool place. We learned that you can give a shark an ultrasound. Who knew? Erin and Angie also took me shopping for maternity clothes, and we spent the one nice day at the beach, playing in tide pools and watching the sun set after enjoying wonderful peanut butter shakes. We also managed to get in quite a bit of Gilmore Girl watching. At those moments, Jed found something else to do!

Angie and Erin left Tuesday morning, and Wednesday evening, Jed's parents arrived. We also had fun with them. They cleaned our kitchen for us (a very exciting treat!) and spent time helping us do some organizing around the house. Jed and his parents had thier first IKEA experience (I think they are hooked) and we then had fun building our new IKEA purchases. We also had the sunset experience with his parents, and well as the peanut butter shake experience.

Both visits also included trips to In N Out and Rubios. Both are high quality eating establishments.

In baby news; all is well. Between visits I had my 12 week check up and I was able to hear the baby's heartbeat. All is going well for me and baby. Only two more months until we find out the sex.

Wednesday marks the official end to my first trimester. Thanks for all the prayers. Everyone tells me the second trimester is the most enjoyable. We will see...