Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Big Boston Adventure

Mommy, Daddy and I went to Boston last week. I got to meet Uncle Ben and Aunt Jen. They are way cool. We did lots of stuff there. We did lots of walking. It was very tiring.

The first day we were there we went to a place called Boston Gardens. We saw some big metal ducks. I wanted to eat them. Mommy says there are there because of a story about Boston called "Make Way for Ducklings". Mommy read it to me once, but I don't really remember it. Then, we went to this place called "Cheers" Daddy told me a TV show was made about the place. I've never seen the show, so it can't be that cool. Then we walked to the Massachussetts State House. There were lots of shiny things and bright lights there, and all the rooms seemed to have fish in them.

On Wednesday we walked this thing called "The Freedom Trail." Daddy said there was a lot of history on the trail, and it was very long so I took lots of naps. We went into this old house that Paul Revere lived in a long time ago, before I was born. We also walked to the top of the Bunker Hill monument, which takes a long time. I counted 294 stairs as Daddy carried me to the top. Mommy said she was tired afterwards.

Then on Thursday it was raining, so we went to another old house on Beacon Hill with Uncle Ben! I liked spending time with him. Then we took the T to Jamaica Plains to a Brewery. Daddy let me smell some hops. I tried to use his ID to get beer since people always say we look alike, but Mommy said I shouldn't and gave it back to Daddy.

The next day we went to Harvard! Mommy said if I work hard and apply myself I can go there to school when I get older. It looked like a fun place. They got some hot chocolate there and walked around for a while. Then that evening we went to Fenway Park to watch the Angels play the Red Sox. I was so sad that the Angels lost 10-1 that I couldn't stop crying, and it made me especially sad when people were cheering for the Red Sox. Here's a picture of me during a happier moment of the game.

Saturday was our last day there, and we went down to the public garden again so that mommy could see the swans. We tried to wait for the mayor to come and take the first swan ride, but he got stuck in traffic and Mommy and Daddy got hungry so we left. I finally got my hands on the camera after that and took the picture you see at the top of my blog! Then we took a very long plane ride home, and I was so tired. I'm glad to be back in California though! There's no place like home!