Monday, October 25, 2010


Yes, we still only have two, at least for the next few weeks.  We also now have a two year old!  Josiah loves being two because that means that he gets to go to school with Ali.  He was so ready, and loves carrying his dog lunch bag out the door and into the car.  I have to admit, the time alone is pretty nice.

That time alone won't be for much longer.  Abi is due November 7.  She's measuring small (for me, that is) and might even be under 9 pounds at birth!  Because I have been following my diet, the doctor is okay with letting me go into labor on my own, but she has already said I can't go more than a week late, so I will have a baby in the next three weeks! 

So, a few October pictures...pumpkin patch, birthday cakes, and a trip to the zoo.
Ali and Josiah both loved picking out their pumpkins this year.  Ali and Daddy carved one.  Picture of that are coming!

Josiah loves music.  He really loves to drum, with either drumsticks or plastic spoons!

Josiah's Birthday cake.  Each little ball is cake and frosting covered in candy. 

We took a family trip to the San Francisco Zoo.  We loved watching the sleeping lion.  He was HUGE!

Will the next post be Halloween or baby?  Only time will tell.