Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ali's First Joke

We've been teaching Ali some sign language lately in order to supplement her usual "mama" and "dada" that she can say, but for now the only one she can do is a sign for "more." She does this by pointing her finger to her hand: "more." So we realized that she does have a well-developed sense of humor the other day when I (Jed) was pouring some Kix onto her tray while she was sitting in her high chair. Well, more Kix came out than I intended, so her tray was completely covered. As Anna came out, she asked Ali "What happened?"

Ali's response was a big smile as she pointed to her hand..."more!"

Thursday, August 09, 2007

A quick picture for you all

We had a picnic yesterday for our MOPS group and Wendy shot this picture of Ali. Just thought we would share it with everyone.

I start meetings on Monday, and Jed's last day at Holy Cross is Wednesday. That's all the news from us.