Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Joy

Happy Easter from the Maschke Five!  We had a joyous weekend celebrating our Savior's resurrection.  Today, after church, we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon (with 3/5 of us taking naps).  After dinner we had a great talk while looking at our resurrection eggs and eating Easter candy.

A few pictures for all those interested...
 Josiah at the Easter Egg pictures of Ali hunting eggs this year.  They were in different locations.
 Josiah amazed at the egg changing color.
 Ali loving her egg decorating.
 Our homemade Hot Cross Buns (with Craisins instead of raisins and currants)
 Josiah's doll house.  It is what he really wanted and is super excited to have...thus far the family has taken baths, used the bathroom many times, taken a nap, and jumped out of the windows.
Happy Easter from the kids!

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