Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just Growing

That's what the kids have been up to...they have been busy growing. Ali is now "2 and a haff" and Josiah hit 5 months on Sunday. Josiah is working to outgrow Ali. At the beginning of March he weighed 18 pounds and was 27 inches long.

Jed is super busy in this season of Lent. I keep busy with the kids and some sewing. If you are interested in the craft side of my life, you are welcome to check out my craft blog here

Some pictures for you all to enjoy!

Ali showing off the "sticker disease" that Daddy had been inflicted with. I especially like the stickers on each of Daddy's nails.

One day at the fabric store the lady behind us in line bought this headband for Ali. Ali calls it her crown. She reminds me of "Daisy Head Maizie" of Dr. Suess fame.

Josiah and Ali looking "cool" in their shades.
Josiah having his first taste of sweet potatoes. He isn't taking to solids as readily as big sister, but he will try this out every once in a while.

Ali picked out this outfit all on her own. For Christmas Nana gave her the book "Ella Sarah Gets Dressed". Great book, and this outfit is something Ella Sarah would love.

Our kids perferred sleeping arrangements. Josiah has fallen asleep several times in his saucer. He is now starting to sleep through the night as well, which makes Mommy very happy.

Ali now must sleep with about 15 blankets on her and every stuffed animal she owns in bed with her. She has also been known to sleep with several books next to her for those late night stories she has to read.


Diana (Ladybug Limited) said...

Oh, those kiddos! Too cute! For now we are winning the battle with Bug over the quantity of "friends" in her bed, but she is certainly winning the "I wanna get dressed by myself!!!!" battle. Some just aren't worth fighting, you know?

And welcome to the world of multiple blogs! I'm giving away more hairstuff at my Holes blog if you want to enter again :)

sarahross said...

Your kids are beautiful! Addie has the same sleeping arrangement now...I'm so paranoid about letting her sleep with all the blankets and stuff! I'm heading over to your craft blog now...

Jamie said...

Naomi also loves to sleep with lots of babies, blankets and bears...even if it's really warm. Micah didn't really get the concept of eating "solids" for the first two and a half months that we tried feeding them to him! But now the kid can't eat enough! Looking forward to seeing y'all at the end of April!