Friday, February 20, 2009

So, what have we been up to?

Lets see, what has been keeping us busy?

Well, my family came in January. We had a great time and visited the Jelly Belly factory and Alcatraz while they were here.

We bought a Wii (because of much asking on my part) We all enjoy playing. Jed and Ali spend many nights waiting for dinner by playing boxing.

Ali has taken to checking her "email" on her "computer"...we smile at the pictures that are her screen.

I made this bag for a swap I am in. It was a challenge. I hope my partner likes it. The pattern (Amy Butler Weekender Bag) takes work but makes a pretty cool bag when you are done.
That is pretty much it. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


frankenpug said...

Your weekender bag looks AMAZING! Great job! I am in the last stretch getting mine together...I should be able to share photos by the weekend:)

Debye said...

Thanks for the beautiful bag and goodies! I think I got one jellybean before the kids confiscated it!

I posted a picture of me and the bag on my was too funny not to point out that we matched!

Sandra K. Mercier said...

Cute bag, Anna! Very cool. I miss you...we need to chat soon. I'll try to call you this weekend. :)

Jamie said...

Would love to work out a trade or something for the extra book you have. Naomi will be very excited to meet Ali too...we haven't told her about the wedding yet because she'll want to go NOW...but we'll let her in on the secret soon!