Friday, January 06, 2006

Wisconsin, Kansas, and California, Oh My!

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This Christmas Break was a very busy one! We started our adventuresome trek in the great state of California, when our wonderful friend Greg took us to LAX at 4:30 in the morning. We now know that we can get to LAX in 40 minutes...during the dead of the night when there is no traffic. We boarded the plane and headed to Wisconsin: The Land of Snow! Snow is a great thing when you never see any. We had no problems on our flight and arrived safely in this great, snowy, state.

In Wisconsin, we saw lots friends and family. I even got to throw a snowball at Jed! The big event was Uncle Jon's wedding to Pam on the 23rd (Congrats to them!) but we also got to see friends David Stevens and Craig and Leah Toerpe (surprising Leah for her birthday!). After a wonderful wedding, we hopped on the plane for another early flight to Kansas.

Kansas was not snowy, but still fun. We spent lots of time playing with Tannim and Jonas, watching movies, and spending time with my family. Special vistors included Granny, Uncle John and Aunt Patty, and Angie, who made a special trip from St. Louis to see us. Jed likes to point out that while he and Aunt Anna brought many special gifts for the boys, Uncle Jed left with the special gifts of a sore throat and a 101 degree fever. He and Anna were very thankful for their other presents too.

Finally, we came home, to the cold, wintry 60 degree California. I know, it's tough. It was a whirlwind trip, but very fun. We are so glad we saw all of our family...and look forward to hosting many when they come to see us. Let us know when the Maschke B and B is needed by you! Jed will even grill for you, on his new Christmas grill (or barbeque, as the native Californians say)!

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