Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I One, no, Free!

That is what Abi will tell you if you ask how old she is.  Apparently, she has decided to just skip being two.   That is just so Abi:  she knows what she wants and she doesn't think anyone else should tell her what to do!
We love our little spitfire.  Abi is full of life, has a great sense of humor and is as charming as anyone can be. She gives a mean hug, and ADORES her Baby dolls.  Since she was constantly stealing Ali's Bitty Baby (Curly), we decided to give her her own Bitty Baby (she calls it Baby Abi).  Abi was so excited to get her new baby and has played with her almost exclusively for the last week.

Her birthday was a quiet, family affair.  We had her request of pancakes, eggs and funfetti cupcakes for dinner and she loved having Happy Birthday sung to her.

Abi's biggest news is that she started preschool today (the 13th).  She seemed a bit apprehensive, but her best buddy, Josiah (or Bubba, as she calls him) was there to help her out.

Now that the birthday craziness is done, we can gear up for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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