Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Night to Remember

I'm telling this story so we can remember how precious our daughter is when she is being less than precious...

Yesterday (Monday) Ali really wanted to go get ice cream. She wanted to have a family date. Knowing that Tuesday is dollar scoop night at Baksin Robbins, we tried to convince her to wait until Tuesday. She really didn't want to wait. She knew that she had some gift certificates to use, and I explained that if we went now, we wouldn't have enough "ice cream money" to pay for all the ice cream. Ali offered to use the money in her piggy bank (that she is saving for a Barbie movie). Jed and I finally agreed. After dinner, we were getting into the car and Ali looked at me and said "Wait Mom, I have to go get my piggy bank to pay for the ice cream". I told her we would take care of it later.

Well, ice cream was on sale on Monday as well, so we had enough "ice cream money". We all had a great time, and Jed and I can't help but smile at how generous our daughter was last night. And, Ali even has some change to put in her piggy bank.

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sarahross said...

So sweet. I'm sure her generous spirit will follow her as she grows!