Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How did the happen?

I leave Josiah downstairs for maybe five minutes to take some folded laundry upstairs. I hear crying. I come downstairs. This is what Josiah now looks like. What happened? I have no idea. But, whatever he hit, he hit it hard. He's acting fine now. Just a few battle wounds.
It's a nice sized goose egg, isn't it?


Nina said...

It's amazing how fast they can get themselves into trouble! Now having a mobile one myself, I'm amazed by how fast he can get places and some of the places he gets into that I thought he couldn't get into or would have no interest in. Glad kids are so resilient!

We should talk and catch up soon!

Love, Nina

Wide Open Spaces said...
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Wide Open Spaces said...

Drew had one of these about a year ago. I had just checked on both kids and they were sitting in front of the computer watching a movie just fine. I went to continue whatever I had been working on, and Drew is crying. He'd bumped it on the arm of the chair that Harper was sitting on. He's since returned to normal and had a few bumps and bruises since.
(I deleted my previous post because I decided I better add my name.)