Tuesday, December 22, 2009

They have skills-updated!

Yes, our children have amazing skills.

Ali is mastering her hint giving skills.

Here are the hints she gave us about our presents.

Jed: "Daddy, do you remember that store we went to as a family with all the bikes? We got you something there. It goes on your hands. But, I can't tell you what it is."
Surprise! It's a pair of biking gloves!
My hint: "Mommy, it's a trash thing."
My trash thing....a french press. Even after I opened it, Ali still thought it was for the trash. When I told her I was picking up, she asked if I was going to use my new trash thing. I guess it looks like a little trash can?

The present she made at school for both of us: "It's has lots of colors and you can shake it."
It does have lots of colors, and she did the shaking....

We will have to reveal what the presents are after Christmas, but you can place you guesses now.

Josiah has skills too. Remote control skills. While he was playing downstairs today, I ran upstairs to do a few things. I come back down and he is sitting on the couch smiling and pointing at the TV. I look at it and realize that he has managed to order a movie off of the On Demand menu. This is a process that takes several steps and requires you to push several different buttons. He was quite proud of himself. I just had to laugh.

Yep, my kids have skills.

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