Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Terrible Twos are Nothing Compared with Three

Daddy: Ali, go ask mommy if dinner's ready yet.
Ali: (shouts) Mommy, is dinner ready yet?
Mommy: It's almost ready.
Daddy: Ask Mommy how soon.
Ali: How soon!!!
Daddy: Ask Mommy how many more minutes it will be before dinner.
Ali: That will be twenty more dollars.
Daddy: (Can't talk anymore he's laughing so hard.)


Ali: I'm going to step over here, and then (as she's crouching to jump off the toilet) this Daddy, it's gonna be sweet!

Anna: (on multiple occasions lately) Guess what YOUR CHILD did today!

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shine said...

AMEN! My daughter turned 3 August 18 after spending a year turning her adorably freckled nose up at the "terrible twos" logic for an entire year. If fact, she was terrific in her twos, but quickly transformed into a total turd after her 3rd birthday;) I was so thouroughly spoiled by her nearly angelic behavior up to that point that I am struggling to know how to remain calm during her fits and other yuckiness! I want to join her in stamping her foot and screaming except I would scream,"Where is my sweet, compliant child?!" instead of`whatever new, beligerant yammering is dripping from her lips. Anyway, I'm right there with you. Love my baby, but this is tough!