Friday, August 07, 2009

Get Down

Ali had a blast at VBS this year. One of the songs she learned was "Get Down". She was amazed when I told her I had the song at home. So, thanks to my "Underdog" CD, Ali had her own little dance party the other day. The video fun to prove it...sorry it is sideways; it was my first venture with video on my camera and I've yet to figure out how to turn it.

Josiah is growing and is as cute as ever. He's a crawling machine and now sports four teeth. His favorite food right now is blueberries, as shown in the following picture.
Okay, you can't really see the blueberries, but you can see those cute teeth!

More to come, but I hope this satisfies you for now!


Diana (Ladybug Limited) said...

OK, Ali will have to teach that to Mugger and Bug when we're there in a couple weeks! They were so in to VBS this week that I'm sure they'd jump right in with her!

Angie said...

I love love love the video! Ali is totally your daughter Anna!!!! Dancing queen....
And Josiah doing his own little bouncing! I love it!

Mandi said...

Totally cracking up about Josiah bouncing along in the background! They're cute!

sarahross said...

I love how Josiah is dancing in the background. Ali's moves are pretty sweet. :)