Thursday, September 25, 2008

Joys of Parenting...

Just a few notes to let you know what we've been up to...

It brings me great joy to know that Ali thinks the play eyeshadow she got in her birthday purse is a phone...she has no idea what other purpose it could serve. Of course, she uses just about anything as a phone, including her hand if nothing else is available. Considering how much I love the phone, I find this all rather amusing.

Ali is officially over whatever sickness she had. We are glad to not have to wash sheets and clothes daily because of the "icky" on them. She was sick for almost a week, and I was starting to wonder if I would ever be able to leave the house, or if I would forever be trapped with this evil sickness.

We might just be starting potty training soon. She is acting interested. That will be a exciting adventure, I'm sure.

Yesterday was a less that great moment in my parenting life. Ali wakes up from her nap and for reasons I still don't understand, decides to scream for the next hour and twenty minutes. Not cry, mind you, scream. Why? I still don't know. She would ask for something, and then tell me no. I tried everything; Elmo, fruit snacks, milk...all things that usually make the world a better place. I even resorted to offering marshmallows. All were a no go. I wanted to scream as well, but I didn't. I called Jed instead, so he could hear what our house sounded like. When she stopped (for no real reason, just stopped) and said "Sorry for crying, Mommy" I sat there and thought "Wow, and we have another one joining this fun very soon."

There you go, everyday life at the Maschke house. I have promised several people that I would post at least one picture of my Sy bump, so be on the lookout. Josiah should also make his appearance in the next few weeks. The sooner, the better.

Take care all, and more stories to come.


Mandi said...

I, too, have days where Jacob wakes up crying or screaming or a combination of both, and nothing calms him down, except he doesn't apologize when he's over it! I truly understand. It can make the rest of the day really long and hard. I wish I had some brilliant words of encouragement to offer you, but I don't, other than, "I feel your pain!"

Jamie said...

Hey girl, I feel your pain too. I just wish our little girls could play together because I know they'd have a ton of fun! And so would our boys (once they're bigger of course). Just remember you're not alone! And when you feel like you are, just join Ali in her screaming, she'll probably look at you and wonder what's wrong! ha! Can't wait to hear about Josiah!