Saturday, August 30, 2008

We finally found the camera...

"Moving is hard work!"

We were tempted to put all 98 pictures of Ali on this blog, but we thought you might get bored scrolling through all of them. So we just posted the most embarrassing ones of Ali in hopes that she will learn to deal with suffering when she hits middle school. Here's our lives, in a nutshell:

Jed works all the time.

Anna's big and pregnant (AND BEAUTIFUL!!!)

Ali's almost 2. And a big girl. She wants a ring for her birthday, like Mommy's. But I don't know where the nearest Helzberg Diamonds is, so she'll have to be okay with Toys R Us.

Here's a couple pictures of our new house and Ali's GREEEEEEN room!


Jamie said...

I kinda wish Naomi would fall asleep eating because it makes for fun pictures but it has yet to happen! love the house! congrats! Can't wait to meet Josiah!

sarahross said...

I LOVE Ali's green room! I wish my kids would fall asleep eating so that we might enjoy a quiet dinner. :) Hope all is well!