Thursday, November 08, 2007


The camera is found, so here are some new pictures of the not-so little girl.

Her new skills:

She is looking at her Jesus doll. When we ask "What do we do with Jesus?" Ali folds her hands. She also knows to pray before meals.

Her favorite toy: This box of Sesame Street books. We find them everywhere in our house. Recently, she enjoys handing them to us and saying "thae tyoo"...the closest we can get to how it sounds.

She signs "more" very well (as in the picture) , as well as "please". She says dada, mama, and nana(banana), no and up.

Just for fun, here is a picture from a year ago as well. It makes us realize how big she is!

What's new with us? Not much. Really, we just wanted to tell about our little girl.

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