Monday, June 18, 2007

A few more pictures

Hello everybody! I wanted to post a few more pictures of myself while mommy and I are in school. She's very busy with classes, but I'm having a good time staying with Mrs. Jensen and Miss Koch. They are very nice. Mrs. Jensen says she has a baby coming too! I'm sure her baby will be cute like me. Just so you don't forget, this is what I look like. Daddy took this picture of me after he did my hair for Crazy Hair Day at Abiding Savior.I also wanted to put in this other picture of Daddy and me. I was very excited to see Daddy on Sunday for Father's day. I've never had a Father's day before so when Mommy said I could come up with her for communion to see Daddy I got very excited. Daddy didn't take me then, but after church I wanted him to hold me so he did. Here's another picture of us! See how satisfied I look?

I'll talk to you all later!


sarahross said...

Ali, you are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Baba said...

People should read this.