Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mommy and Daddy let me write this one

Hey everyone!

Mom and Dad said I could write an update for you all this time. I'm enjoying my life right now. I've finally figured out who Mommy and Daddy are. They love it when I smile at them. They kept trying to take pictures of me when I smile, but I didn't like the flash. I finally smiled for the camera so they would stop taking pictures.

I started to go to school with Mommy this week. She really liked being with her big kids, but I missed her lots. Melanie and Deanna take care of me. They say I have the loudest scream of all the kids. I'm kind of proud of that. I'm glad that Mommy can come visit me everyday at lunch. Maybe someday I'll start crying less when I'm there. My friends Patrick, Troy and Cassidy try to help me. They are good friends.

Daddy likes his job at church. Mommy and I went with him one Sunday and met everyone there. It was fun but made me very tired. Mommy says we will go back again soon.

Mommy, Daddy and I watch the Cards win the World Series last night. Mommy was very happy about that. She says I will become a big fan someday. We'll see...Daddy says the Packers are the best team ever, and I was so excited I spit up on his Packers sweatshirt.

So, there is my life. Mom and Dad still think they are in charge, but I'll teach them the truth soon enough. I have to go to my friend Audrey's birthday party now. Life is busy when you are seven weeks old! Mommy and Daddy wanted to show a few pictures of me. I'll try to talk to you again soon!

Love, Ali (with a little help from Mom and Dad)

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