Tuesday, September 26, 2006

She's so Cuteiful

We had a wonderful weekend with our families celebrating Ali's baptism. My family arrived on Thursday and Jed's parents came on Saturday. The boys thought Ali was "so soft and little" and Jonas kept telling us that Ali was so "Cuteiful".

Ali slept through her baptism...no screams at all. She wore Jed's baptimal gown, and we even kept it clean! Jed did the baptism, and both of us managed not to cry...barely. It was just a beautiful, amazing thing!

We also got to take everyone to the beach on Monday. Carrie was the only one in my family who had been to California before, so the ocean was a big hit. Tannim liked to pretend to surf, Jonas liked throwing sand back into the ocean, and Beckett just liked eating the sand! Ali seemed to enjoy her time at the beach as well.

Here a few pictures of all of us. Ali is looking more and more like her Dad. She is still doing well. Jed and I are doing pretty well too!

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