Sunday, July 09, 2006

"You don't get to take seven million pictures of me..."

"...because I'm seven months pregnant..." Anna said, while trying to give me "the look" she gives all her middle school kids. Such are the joys of pregnancy.

In addition, I get to learn lots of other things. Also on the "not recommended" list is going up to her and saying "Boy you look HUUUUUUUGE." She gets enough of that at from the old ladies at church. But we love them anyway!

We've had lots of fun lately. Anna got back from Nebraska without incident, barring all the usual things to do like eating strangely named foods from strangely named small towns and baby shower which attacked her without warning. She also went to class in between all the frivolities and got a great start on her master's degree.

I had lots of fun in Missouri, Kansas, and Texas, including getting to go on an aircraft carrier! The wedding was also a blast, where we visited a church that has the largest LCMS cross EVER, in Lexington, Missouri.

A week later I was visiting another Lexington, although this one did not have a huge cross. It managed to make up for it with a short runway, as it was the aircraft carrier the USS Lexington. There were lots of cool planes on it, and so I frolicked around and cavorted among the fighter jets and close quarters of this spectacular feat of engineering. I also preached at Zach's church, Fishers of Family, and you can even hear my sermon on the website. I have to admit, though, that Zach did a great job of using audio magic to make me sound much better than I really am in person, kind of like Avril Lavigne's voice.

We made it back in time for the July festivities, such as July 1st (Dominion Day for Canadians, or the greatest day in the world) for the birthday gang who celebrated at the beach in Corona Del Mar, July 3rd, for those who were lucky enough to get married on such a great day, and July 4th, for our blessed country. We were lucky enough to have our friend Art Eichhorn visiting from the Lou, and we thought "What better way to celebrate our nation's independence than watching colorful explosions in the sky in the Happiest Place on Earth (R)," Disneyland. The fireworks show was spectacular, we have to admit.

Then a few days later, Karen Sohn came to visit us for Tom Kosche's wedding to Ruth Truitt, and much more fun was had. We wish Karen the best for her wedding this weekend (although Anna still thinks Karen is insane for traveling a week before she gets married.)

So after all that, we're back to our normal, mundane, leisurely summer least until around Sept. 6th! We'll keep you updated if anything exciting happens!

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