Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A very brief update

So, we have also entered the land of "very few updates". We will try to remedy that in the near future with lots of pictures of various events; including:

1. Our visit from Kari and Nina
2. Our trip to the mountains with our bible study group
3. Information about the sex of "peanut", as we currently call him/her (April 26th is the day for that information)
4. Any other random events we are forgetting, but have pictures for.

To keep everyone entertained, here are two pictures of my ever expanding stomach. The first is from March 16th, and the second is today (April 12). You can see for youself that I am indeed growing.

Jed wishes to insert that his track team this year is "darn good", but the "darn good" team causes him to be gone lots. I would agree. But, the season will someday end and we will see each other again.

If you haven't heard through the random grapevine, I (Anna) am starting my Masters this summer. I'll be back at Seward for two weeks. The plan right now is to be done in two years. We will see how that goes.

So, there is the very brief update. More news to come soon!!!!

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